ANAGNORISIS "Peripeteia" 2LP

ANAGNORISIS "Peripeteia" 2LP

Lord! Anagnorisis certainly doesn't pull any sonic or emotional punches on its majestic, seriously affecting gut-punch sophomore full-length Peripeteia -- a powerful blend of forward-thinking, nuanced black metal. - Decibel

Peripeteia​'s main strength lies in its grandiloquent​ song structures that nip at black metal's boundaries. This is black metal at its most grand, coldly melodic and unapologetically over-the-top without stumbling into wimpy, overly symphonic territory..." - Noisey 

“Autobiographical black metal with the weight of reality” - Invisible Oranges 

The double LP set comes in a beautiful gatefold packaging with gloss highlights and an additional insert with lyrics and credits.

20 EUR