ARS MAGNA UMBRAE "Through Lunar Gateways" CS

ARS MAGNA UMBRAE "Through Lunar Gateways" CS

A true manifestation of the Chthonic forces of Death and a sonic portal to the Nightside. 

NO RETURN is proud to present the malicious debut of polish Black Metal chtonic Ars Magna Umbrae on cassette format.

23 minutes of uncompromising and atmosphere ridden Black Metal, completely deranged from the earthen coil. Swimming in the waters of the terror and nightmare created by Nightbringer, Dødsengel or Hetroertzen this is a terrible fist of mental insanity and pain.
Guest chants by Hekte Zaren (Adaestuo)
The cassette version comes with exclusive art by Brais Remeseiro Portela

-professionally manufactured cassette with on-body tampography
-6 panel sturdy J-Card

First pressing limited to 50 copies

6.66 EUR