AU DESSUS - Selftitled - LP

AU DESSUS - Selftitled - LP

Lithuanian dark-death-doom-post-black metal band that converts that overly protracted description into an elegantly accomplished five tracks, ranging from two to ten minutes in length. These pieces, all minimally titled with Roman numerals, simultaneously convey some of the most grotesque and beautifully svelte music of the year so far, slipping between styles with astonishing subtlety. ‘II’ starts off pummelling the Earth with hairy fists, throwing its shoulders around in a rampant display of masculinity, before sliding gracefully towards an ethereal mid-section haunted by sighing vocals while guitars soar upwards on melodic drones. Off the back of a single drum roll, ‘III’ switches between a roaring battering ram and reverberating riff before rolling out over the swinging delay of a melody line that adds a reflective element to the chaos. And so it continues through every track, the band melding styles into one, seamless, single-minded form that commands attention from the start and holds you for repeated listens. The final track is the ultimate distillation of their craft; a dense riff lurching between a frenetic drum/cymbal switch-up slowly elongates notes and tones, smoothing out the abrupt drumming until the whole thing has unwound into hyperfast, post-rock triumphalism. Then, when you think they can’t tweak it any further, it drops a final euphoric riff section. Keep an eye on these guys. - Meatbreak (Drowned in Sound)

12″ black 140 gram vinyl, gatefold jacket.
Limited 350 copies.

12 EUR