CELESTIAL GRAVE "Burial Ground Trance" CS

CELESTIAL GRAVE "Burial Ground Trance" CS

CELESTIAL GRAVE is two-piece black metal band that dwells on Finnish soil. Much like their spiritually inclined countrymen from the past two decades, the duo maintains a fast and filthy yet deliriously melancholic sound that is purely and unapologetically BLACK METAL. And just like its title, Burial Ground Trance reverberates with seemingly endless death energy, their songs becoming paranormal manifestations of demonic possession, black magic, and necromancy. An obscure ceremony glorifying death, Burial Ground Trance is a grim 'n' glorious introduction to the dank crypt that is CELESTIAL GRAVE, an offering that will burn a hole between this shallow world and the beyond, from where there is no return...

- Transparent Tapes With White Onbody Print
- Pro. Printed J-Card
- Limited To 300 Copies 

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