CLOUD RAT - Qliphoth - LP

Cloud Rat have a middle finger, locked and loaded, aimed intently at anything within American society that displeases them, which seems to be just about everything. Granted, this world-weariness is handled with care in the form of abrasive passion throughout Qliphoth’s seventeen tracks. Their third full length album, following 2010’s self-titled and 2013’s Moksha, Qliphoth is a true epic, in the most literal sense of the word, especially considering grindcore’s signature, blurring pace. The album’s structure is complimented by wisps of femininity that are abruptly torn apart by the ensnaring instrumentation and social trope-defying messages. The former carries the latter like a war hero recognized not post-combat, but mid-melee, atop the shoulders of her comrades, thrown to the front to lead the bloody charge. There is an undeniable blood lust here, especially on the tongue of vocalist Madison Marshall, whose venom-flecked words edge the razor-sharp riffs and blunt-weapon percussion of her cohorts with purposeful efficiency.


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