Have you ever heard the Harmony Dies Vol. 1 comp that Slayer magazine released in 1994? It reissued the demos, each from 1987, of a most unholy triumvirate: Necrovore, Incubus (the Mike Browning one) and Morbid Angel. You won’t find the comp on YouTube--although you can stream the disparate demos there. But that wouldn’t be the same thing as listening to all three of them compiled onto a CD that Slayer mag put out in ‘94, for obvious and not obvious reasons. One of the latter reasons being that apparently there was some attempt to “restore” the sound for the comp. Can’t say for sure, though, having never heard it. So if anyone out there’s a genuine owner of the actual CD and wants to make a good rip, please do send the files our way. We’ll burn that high quality rip onto a nice CD-r (not some Memorex shite) and we’ll throw Hexenslaught’s demo right on there with it. And it’ll belong. Because Seattle’s Hexenslaught nail down a sound on their debut that sounds like the missing fourth demo from Harmony Dies Vol. 1. Ruining the triumvirate, sure, but totally consummating the comp .

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