"Into the vortex" gathers four german noise makers from different genres for an exclusive noise / drone / dark ambient mini compilation.

Hailing from Berlin SUN WORSHIP have been pushing traditional genre boundary's since day one. While their brand of atmospheric black metal is rooted in traditional second and third wave black metal, these lads come from a different background than most people would expect. SUN WORSHIP are not your average beer-tent metal musicians, they are strongly rooted within the Berlin DIY punk and hardcore scene with a hand always stretched out for the noisy and artsy side of things. After a row of successful Vinyl releases and appearances on festivals such as the amazing Roadburn Fest, SUN WORSHIP has made fans all over the world among metalheads, punks, hardcore kids and noise addicts. Their contribution to this comp will be an exclusive psych drone jam that presents a different approach to their usual songs.

Also from Berlin, ANCST have kickstarted from a 2 man bedroom recording project to a full grown band that toured and released relentlessly since their birth in 2011. With numerous cassette releases, an LP and a split LP under their belt and appearances on festivals like fluff fest, kiel explode or blood shed fest they have proven to be hard hitting and punishing blackened crust / black metal inferno. With strong roots in the political charged DIY hardcore scene ANCST also may not be your average metal band. After releasing a bunch of dark ambient only releases in the past their contribution to this comp starts where they left off with their last ambient release "dark space clutter".

TOOTH DECAY, the third act on this compilation to hail from Berlin has no ties to metal at all. Armed with a mini modular system, a laptop and some pedals TOOTH DECAY is the nightmare of every orthodox and traditionalist music geek or every nostalgic gutter punk. His partly improvised and dense shrouds of pulsating pads and sequences and the brute force of his analogue bass drones not only has send concert attendees to their knees, it clearly shows the force TOOTH DECAY has become in his short existence. After a handful of releases on Yehonala and other DIY tape labels its a pleasure to have TOOTH DECAY on board again.

From Halle, Germany VOYDN is a new face within the dark ambient / avant-garde electronics microcosm. Originally a composer for theater music and an visual artist and musician, VOYDN made his first appearance not too long ago with its debut EP on Yehonala. His gloomy sound collages made of assorted field recordings, cut & paste piano jams and glitching synthesizers are beautiful and disturbing at the same time. a soundtrack to a movie never made.

Pro dubbed black cassettes packed in an offset printed cardboard fold out box.
Hand numbered and limited to 200 copies.


5 copies available