TIME LURKER "Selftitled" Gatefold LP

TIME LURKER "Selftitled" Gatefold LP

When unity became a strength and music turns back time: two universes gather as one. In the blizzard of Strasbourg, France, the black metal of this one-man band perpetually converges with those cold atmospheres, drowned in the darkness and lurking in the shadows in order to fuse those two EP’s ; EP’s that melt and mix to create a first album. It’s time to be scared, the lurker is coming, you can hear its footsteps…

Born in 2014, TIME LURKER is an atmospheric Black Metal one-man band from Strasbourg, France. This project, led by Mick, is influenced by Altar Of Plagues, Weakling, Yellow eyes, Krallice or Leviathan.
TIME LURKER’s concept is based on a long and introspective journey facing the Human nature, leading us to confronte our demons shaped by our doubts and fears. This journey is at a crossroad between Jules Verne and HP Lovecraft. Several featuring with bands from Strasbourg and Paris such as Thibo (Paramnesia, Jeanne), Tony (Rance), Cédric (End of Mankind, Pyrecult), Clem (Le Mal des Ardents) have contributed to create Time Lurker.

Limited quantities! Black edition + Gold edition available.

18 EUR